Tragedy at Breitbach’s again

Woke up to horrible news this morning.

Breitbach’s burned down again.

I can’t believe it! Less than a month ago Megan and I went to visit it after it had burned down the first time, and seeing all the support and love for the place was so overwhelming!

The cause is still under investigation as of this writing, but if it started by accident, I can’t believe how much bad luck that restaurant has, as if it was cursed. And unfortunately, the fact that it went through two fires in 10 months makes it seem suspicious, like someone has something against the place.

I really hope not. And I really hope the owners rebuild, but I certainly can understand if they’re reluctant.

The restaurant is considered Iowa’s oldest – it opened in 1852 – and in December 2007 the building that burned down may have been the original one. It would have made sense that such an old building could fall victim to a destructive fire.

But the new building should have met all the current fire codes and what not. So for it to have burned down completely leaves me almost dumbfounded.

I feel lucky in that Megan and I were able to enjoy it during our recent visit. It’s the kind of memory we’ll always cherish. But I now feel sad and somewhat selfish in that no one else will get a chance to experience it, at least for the time being.

The owners for now say they don’t know if they’ll rebuild, and I don’t blame them. So many volunteers put in so much effort to rebuild the restaurant in only six months. It would be difficult and draining to amass that kind of effort again.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but my thoughts and prayers certainly are with the Breitbach family and all their friends who have had to suffer so much in the last year.


~ by davidllee on October 24, 2008.

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