Election headline rundown–what’s your favorite?

With Barack Obama’s victory in Wednesday’s historic election, I decided list all the headlines that ran in the English-speaking newspapers within the United States. I used this Web page of front pages as my guide. (These pages also exist in the Newseum, but that site has been really slow because of the volume of visits.)

I just went withthe big-print headline, no subheads. And I didn’t keep track of whether the words were capitalized or not; same with punctuation, unless the headline was a quotation. There were a few circumstances where I included the punctuation if it clarified the headline’s conveyance; and I followed the use of bold letters in one instance. (Four papers didn’t have a headline at all; just an image.)

The numbers that follow some headlines show how many times that particular headline was used.

So what do you think? Which are your favorites; which ones didn’t work at all? Did the ones that were used a lot mean they were good headlines or simply easy ones to write? Were some too long? Too short? Made no sense?

Thanks for reading.


‘A change has come to America’

A changed nation (2)

A day of emotion

‘A defining moment’

A historic victory

‘A long time coming’

A nation changed

A nation’s choice

‘A new dawn’ (2)

A new era

A new hope

A vote for change 

A vote for change: Obama 

A vote for history

America chooses change

America chooses Obama

America elects first black president

America makes history

America picks Obama

American history (2)

Americans: Yes we can

America’s historic vote

America’s new face

An epic victory

Audacity of hope

Big for Obama

Big night for Obama

Barack Obama

Believe it


Change has come

‘Change has come’ (30)

‘Change has come to America’ (14)

‘Change is coming to America’

Change is here

Change of course

‘Defining moment’

Dream fulfilled

Dream realized (2)

Epic win

Face of change (4)

From dream to history

From hope, history

Historic (2)

Historic change (2)

Historic choice

Historic day in America

Historic landslide

Historic tide sweeps Obama to victory

Historic triumph (2)

Historic victory (4)

Historic vote (2)

Historic win (4)

Historic win for Obama

History (11)

History arrives in a landslide

History, handily

History is made (3)

History we can believe in


In our lifetime

It’s history

It’s Obama (15)

It’s Obama’s night

Let us summon a new spirit

Making history

Mr. President (3)

‘New dawn’

No drama; it’s Obama

(No headline; just image) (4)

Obama (41)

Obama (bold emphasis on “bam”)

Obama 1st black US president

Obama: ‘Change has come to America’

Obama coasts

Obama elected

Obama headed to White House

Obama’s historic win signals era of change

Obama makes history (18)

Obama makes history: ‘Change has come’

Obama our next president

Obama overcomes

Obama rolls (2)

Obama reaches the mountaintop

Obama seizes historic win

Obama steps into history (2)

Obama surges to historic win

Obama sweeps to historic victory

Obama sweeps to historic win

Obama takes it all

Obama takes Ohio, wins presidency in landslide

Obama triumphs (12)

Obama triumphs: ‘Change has come’ (2)

Obama triumphs in landslide

Obama turns historic page

Obama victorious

Obama victory makes history

Obama vows to be president to all

Obama wins (47)

Obama wins big (2)

Obama wins historic bid for presidency

Obama wins it

Obama wins in historic vote

Obama wins presidency

Obama wins the presidency

Obama wins White House

Obama’s nation

Obama’s the one

Obama’s time (2)

Obama’s triumph

Oh-bama! (2)


‘One nation’

Onward into history

President elect Obama

President Obama (11)

Race is history

The 44th president

The dream comes true

‘This is our time’

Tide of hope


Victorious Obama vows era of change

White House bound

Yes he can: Obama wins

Yes he did (9)

‘Yes we can’ (9)

~ by davidllee on November 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “Election headline rundown–what’s your favorite?”

  1. Repost from Wired Journalists: looking out for funny Obama headlines at http://tinyurl.com/5j8kjs.

  2. PS We had Go-Bama over here in the UK. Think it was the Mirror.

  3. Thanks for the comments!
    I probably should have tried to do all the English-language newspapers from that site but my brain was starting to shut down.

  4. Looking at the list, it’s amazing how repetitive newspapers. Just waiting for someone to come up with a headline generator. Hmm, that could be entertaining…

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