Preparing to suffer

Well, the next big goal for me is my cyclocross race the weekend after Thanksgiving. I’ll be racing at 9:45 a.m. and my goal is to simply survive. It’s going to be 35 minutes of hell, hopefully fun. I know I’ll be relieved when it’s all over.

Been trying to do a lot of riding and running lately to get ready for it. I had started about a month ago, and once tried to do a hard effort for 45 minutes around our local fairgrounds. (One lap around there is about 1.25 miles, and takes about 10 minutes. It consists of riding on grass, pavement and deep gravel, and includes a couple areas where you have to get off your bike and run up steep inclines–all things that will take place in a cyclocross race.)

I was doing well at first, but after that 45-minute effort, I was so wiped out I ended up taking about two weeks off from training, and essentially started back at square one. But with the beginning of November, I started to worry again about doing well in the race, and have since been going out to ride or run at least every other day. (I guess if being worried about getting schooled during the race is my motivation, so be it.)

I had gotten tired of riding on the fairgrounds, and in the last few days mixed it up with road rides again. Had a nice ride in Cedar Rapids on Saturday, and rode a new route around Monticello each of the last two days. My usual loop was about 8.5 miles, but now that a road outside of town had been paved over the summer (it took forever to get done, it seemed–maybe the summer floods had something to do with it) I now have a nice 12.25-mile loop that takes about an hour.

It’s been a lot of fun to ride again, and with a night schedule for the next few weeks, I should have time to continue training right up to the race. I just need to find that right balance of continually training but not overdoing it so that I feel burned out and stop doing any activity leading up to it.

I’m sure that no matter how much I try and train, the race is going to be hard and it’s going to hurt. But I’d rather go through it knowing I was as prepared as possible for to suffer.


~ by davidllee on November 18, 2008.

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