Sweatin’ it out

With all the stresses going on at work right now, one thing that has been nice lately is that I’ve been able to maintain a fairly regular workout regimen.

With Megan moving her business out of our basement, we’ve turned it into an exercise room, set up with treadmill and bike trainer (you attach your bike to it and then can pedal with varying resistance while going absolutely nowhere). There’s also room for floor exercises, and I recently attached a pull-up bar to one of the doors down there.

To be honest, I can’t pull my chin up above that bar yet, but I did figure out a way to do horizontal pull-ups on the treadmill, using the handlebar. (Treadmill is turned off, of course, otherwise something like this could happen.)

Its’ really nice to just be able to go down there for a while and get a workout. For the most part, I’ve been riding my bike on the trainer, watching bike racing videos I’ve bought over the years. I have two 12-hour videos of the Tour de France that Lance Armstrong won, in 2003 (his toughest one, where he won No. 5 and tied the record) and 2005 (his final one–which we saw part of in person when we traveled to Europe that year). Of course, he is making a comeback this year and will be in the Tour again this July.

You just kind of feel like you’re riding along with them, pedaling at a hard resistance when they’re climbimg mountains, and spinning like crazy when they descent. Forty-five minutes can go by quickly.

Also been trying to do some core exercises too, and I’ve been trying to watch what I eat. One thing that’s worked is that I try and drink a lot of water when I’m hungry, and it seems to work to tide me over for a while. The downside is that when I have to pee, I really have to pee. None of this “I’ll hold it for a while until it’s convenient to go” stuff.

I didn’t really plan this as a New Year’s resolution or anything–I just wanted to try and stay healthy, and enjoy the new setup in our basement. But I have found it to be a good way to get away from all the stresses for a bit, while staying healthy and preparing for the upcoming riding season once it warms up.

There’s a lot out of my control at work at the moment, and while I hope all of that ultimately works out, it’s nice to be in pretty good control of this part of my life right now.


~ by davidllee on January 22, 2009.

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