A lot like puberty

It occurred to me that the stress of dealing with all the changes going on at The Gazette might be the cause of my breaking out lately, as in more acne. (Apparently, puberty has not ended for me, even as I approach my mid-30s. I’ve already accepted the fact that I will never be able to grow a proper beard, but I was hoping the acne issues would go away.)

And, while having drinks with friends and co-workers yesterday, it also occurred to me that The Gazette itself is undergoing through many changes as it becomes a much more tech-savvy news organization. In other words, it’s maturing. Maybe even going through a form of puberty itself. And if so, may this 126-year-old company have many more centuries of existence!

It certainly is an awkward time at work, with everyone here trying to still put out a good newspaper while trying to figure out what the new setup will be, and where they may end up in that setup.

It’s been interesting hearing people at work talk about resumes and cover letters, and noticing people working on theirs. Usually, you don’t see that type of stuff going on in a workplace–if the boss saw you doing that, you’re gone. And it would seem awkward talking about jobs and positions that you’re both going after. (All this might not be as awkward as the junior high and high school days, but it’s still awkward.)

As puberty comes to an end (as I hear it’s supposed to), the result should be a better, more advanced and–dare I say–sexier version of oneself. If everything works out, The Gazette should be the same way.


~ by davidllee on January 29, 2009.

One Response to “A lot like puberty”

  1. Good analogy Dave. Now I just hope we all get the girl, so to speak, and come away with new, sexier jobs.

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