It just goes faster and faster!

It hadn’t really hit me that we’ve already come to the end of one decade and the start of another. I was used to thinking of the year-end stuff that news organizations traditionally do, but wow, with the start of 2010, yep, that’s another dacade down the hatch!

Having just turned 35, I’m halfway into my fourth decade of existence. I was too young to recall the start of the ’80s but I do remember hearing about us having a new president by the name of Ronald Reagan. And I do remember all that talk about what happened in the ’80s as we approached 1990.

But the ’90s never really got summed up as its own decade, at least to me. As 1999 started and went on, it was all about the last century and millenium, and the start of a new one. (And fears of Y2K mayhem.)

So with this decade quickly winding down, here are my highlights of it in a nutshell:

-Spent the first five years of it in Seattle, in a new job (my only non-journalism one). Got married!

-The last five years of the decade we’ve spent back in the Midwest, but traveled around Europe for several weeks (in 2005!) before settling back down. Resumed a career in journalism.

Interesting how this decade really consisted of two parts, the Seattle and the Midwest eras. So what will next year (and the next decade) bring? A little bundle of joy, due in late February! Followed by maybe another bundle of joy, followed by fatherhood and parenthood adventures. I also hope there will be a lot of good news for everyone else, as many of us know how tough the last decade has been.

I for sure am going to need a good decade, because by 2020 I’m going to be the father of a ‘tween girl. I’m already kind of worried.


~ by davidllee on January 1, 2010.

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